Thursday, 19 June 2008

Happy Birthday Mog

Six years ago you came into this world, and six years ago you nearly left it. I know your life isn't easy, but I'm glad you decided to stick around. Knowing you has made my life richer. We live life in the slow lane; taking time to appreciate all the little changes around us. Thank you.

You were such a miserable baby. So desperately unhappy; you didn't know who you were, where you were, what you were even. You only stopped crying when we swaddled you, let you suckle on a finger, played loud music, swooped you around the room. And even then, you only stopped for seconds.

For your first birthday, we fed you chocolate cake, and you smiled. You sat in your new tumbleform chair and kicked some bells, and you smiled. You cried a lot still, but we could see your smile too.

And now you are six! I'm not sure where the last five years have gone. You are getting so long; you wear clothes for children older than you, you are outgrowing your wheelchair and your bed. You can tell us yes and no, you can giggle and kick people. You are a seriously stylish young lady; it must be in your genes because I have no fashion sense myself! You are a part of my family, a part of your birth family, a part of the church family, and you have friends around the country and around the world.

You are surrounded by so many people who love you, Mog. I know there are things you could do when you were a baby which you can't do now, I know there are things we could do with you when you were small that we will find harder to do as you get bigger. And I know that we don't know what your future holds. I'm just grateful that my future includes you, for as long as possible.

Happy Birthday little girl!


Alesha said...

I pray Mog's birthday was the happiest HAPPY ever!

Give her a birthday hug from me.

Doorless said...

It doesn't seem that long! Amazing how these girls fill up time and our lives. Hope all had a wonderful day celebrating. I just love her picture with the hanging toys , etc. I do that too. It is a wonder that they sleep with all those things to entertain themselves with. But, somehow they do and the toys are not a distraction.
I still have fountain envy!

Anonymous said...

"Knowing you has made my life richer."
What a true statement that we can all probably echo about our special kids.
Thanks for sharing your tribute to Mog.
Hope she enjoyed her day!

Elinor said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Mog!

Robyn said...

Knowing her (and you) has made my life richer definately.
We love her very much (and little fish tooxx)
Happy birthday dearest Mog

Becca said...

A belated Happy Birthday, Mog!

Hope you had a wonderful day.
Becca xxx

PS Tia - check this out. A possible for Mog, perhaps?

Tia said...

Thanks for that Becca; something else to drool over!

And thanks to everyone for Mog's birthday wishes - she is far too excited by everything now, and sitting here with a giant grin on her face, squeaking gently.


Tina said...

Belated happy birthday Mog. One very special lady who has capured so many hearts.
with all our love always!


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