Saturday, 28 June 2008

What do you do?

When two little girls both wake up ridiculously early?
Saturday morning television of course! Little Fish seemed to think it was a little scary, but Mog was rather more impressed.

Television delayed the inevitable for an hour or so, but eventually that point in the morning arrived when it was either leave the house or do nothing but get annoyed all day. So, since Mog had told Uncle Colin she was going to be spending her birthday money on new trousers, we went into Oxford.

First stop Debenhams, where a rack of brightly coloured pinafore dresses caught Mog's eye. Thankfully only in a figurative sense, although Little Fish's enthusiastic pushing of Mog's chair nearly rendered it physically true too. I pulled out the dresses to show her properly and she gave a very enthusiastic yes. I pointed out that they weren't actually trousers, and showed her some nice trousers. She closed her eyes. Picked up the dress and she gave a wide eyed yes again.

Little Fish and I persuaded her to have a look elsewhere first. We called in at Gap where Mog quite liked one tshirt - sold out in her size. She refused to look at any of the others. Tried Monsoon but the children's clothes had been moved downstairs with no lift. M and S next, where Mog refused to look at anything at all. Back to Debenhams, where after a feeble attempt to convince her to think about music or story books instead, we bought the dress.The cardigan matched it and other clothes too well to be passed by.

And these boots were too perfect not to be bought for winter and chilly camping nights No zip, no pushing, just a velcro tab halfway down and an opening right to the bottom. Perfect.

Lunchtime next, pasta and icecream.

Waddling Walking back to the bus we passed the Ashmolean, and decided to take a detour. When we got inside, we realised they were having one of their monthly children's activity sessions. This time the challenge was to make a landscape painting. With children to the left and right drawing boats on oceans and trees on horizons and ducks in ponds, my girls combined to create this

Mog was in charge of colour and texture, and Little Fish on layout and glueing. Is it a seascape? Cyclone at twighlight? The inside of my wardrobe?


Tina said...

Lovethe purchaes and great timing onthe children's actiities.
Hope the evening is peacful!


Sarah said...

oh I love those boots! I miss having little girls to buy pretty things for! (mine are 11 and 9 now and choose their own things, never the same things that I would choose!)

MOM2_4 said...

What a CUTE outfit - love it!! The boots are major cool as well. I won't show my girls or they'd have me hopping a plane to come get them each a pair ;o)

What a wonderful craft creation. Perfect timing. Sounds like a wonderful day.

Doorless said...

Love the craft project. Very nice dolors and textures. The outfit and sweater are perfect. The boots look comfy. Sounds like a very nice day!

Robyn said...

yes so glad boots were bought...wouldnt be the same if none were purchased during a shopping trip!


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