Friday, 6 June 2008


Kidzsouth . I missed this last year, I have also missed Naidex for two years in a row. I find these hugely helpful in tracking down new equipment and ideas for my girls. Little Fish hasn't been to one yet, but Mog also enjoys herself when she gets the chance to attend.

So here's my dilemma. Mog is now at school full time. Little Fish goes to preschool just in the mornings. This is on a normal school day. Do I take both girls out of school for the day and go with both of them? Do I take Little Fish only and rush to get there and back within the school day? Do I book a sitter for Mog after school and have a longer day there with Little Fish? Do I book a sitter for Little Fish after preschool, and have a shortish day there without any child at all? Or just take Mog?

When looking for equipment it's useful to have the child in question with me; reps can then get an accurate picture of what the problems might be. I'm not necessarily looking for anything in particular, although a larger sized buggy for Mog would be useful, especially one which folded to fit into an average sized car boot.

As an added complication, it's Mog's birthday. Do you think I could get her out of school for the day as a birthday treat? In which case, would it be more of a treat with or without Little Fish? Or would it be better to send her to school with a chocolate fudge cake, and let her enjoy the attention of her special day? Would I be being a meanie Mummy if I sent her to school and didn't come in for her party?

Oh decisions decisions!



Anna said...

I think you should take them both (getting the right equipment is more important than a day at school, and they'll enjoy it) and send Mog to school the next day with cake (close enough - and what you'd do if her birthday was on a weekend). Oh it's so easy making decisions for other people!
I really enjoy your blog, I find it very well-written, inspiring and full of love.

Claire said...

I would take both kids out of school and have a lovely day with them. Mog can always have a school birthday party on the day after or before kidzsouth.


Tina said...

I have never been in to my children's schols ofor the in school party.
We tok J and C tonaidex and arranged a sitter for j nd r and took e.

Purelybecause E was minly who we were loking forand J and R would not enjoy the journey or the show respectively.

Which option wouldbe the happiest for ech child???

whatever you decide i hope you get there!

Michelle said...

Oh its so easy to do a birthday at school! No need for invitations, all the friends are there. There's room for everyone to sit, sand, climb the walls, etc. And clean-up? Well, lets just say there's more than one person to help! Yippee! I'm all for birthdays at school.

Doorless said...

I vote on a school holiday for both girls with cake at home or icecream out somewhere. Enjoy. I would love to go and see all the new equipment and dream and try it out for fit. Enjoy!

Tia said...

So general opinion seems to be to take both of them and skip school? I like the way your minds work! And actually after yesterday, I don't think I want to be too far away from Mog for a while anyway. Time to talk to school I think.


Becca said...

Yup. Take'em and play hookey. Won't hurt.

Oh, you might like the stuff the lovely people at Tendercare make. Mini tilt wheelchair plus appropriate seating looks like just the ticket from where I'm sitting (in a big snuggly Rea Azalea tilt'n'recline grownup wheelchair, as it happens - my powerchair's broken, chiz chiz).


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