Sunday, 1 June 2008

Garden improvements

I have been doing a spot of improvements to the garden.It's maturing nicely, don't you think?This bit is a little wild, but I'll let the foxgloves flower before I do anything with it. Our new pet improves the atmosphere no end. He's looking a little scruffy now, but I'm sure he'll smarten himself up once he realise what's expected of him.

OK back in the real world, that isn't our garden, nor is it likely to be! But the girls and I are falling in love with Harcourt Arboretum. Lots of green and shady space, and new things to see each time we go. Little Fish is unfortunately still terrified of the peacocks, but I'm hoping she'll realise they don't eat me when I get close, so are unlikely to attack her either.
Here's one of the flowers in close up from the purple trees in the top two pics. Anyone got any ideas what it might be? I think it's a little large for our garden but we think it's pretty anyway. We could always plant a smaller one, enjoy it, and then move before it took over the universe.

Meanwhile, here is our slightly improved garden bed. Still got several beds to fill, but this one is looking reasonably good I think. And so far Little Fish hasn't managed to destroy any of them in her ramp runs. Mog thinks the whole thing is terribly silly and giggles whenever the pots clank together as we empty the contents into more holes in the garden.
I am enjoying our garden. This makes me a dangerous driver; I find myself scanning houses for climbing plants and trying to identify them, especially those which stick to wood and not brick, peering over hedges and walls into front gardens to see how people have filled deep borders, and generally musing on the merits of hardy roadside plants. And not concentrating on minor concerns like traffic lights and stop signs.



Catherine said...

It's a rhododendron! You can probably get dwarf varieties that would be OK for your garden, but they need an acidic soil to thrive...
Your garden is looking good! And your neighbours will be glad you don't have a pet peacock!! :o)

Michelle said...

That is the Washington state flower, Rhododendron. And of course because I live in Washington state I recognized it right away. We love them here and many people grow them as bushes. I have a red one that isn't in very good shape right now as the bugs have been eating it. You can read about the Rhododendron at this ling:

Alesha said...

Your plants are looking really nice!

I was getting ready to be so impressed with your yard after seeing those first few pics, then I got to the peacock!!! I thought "hmmmm...maybe Tia's pulling our leg!" :-)

I loved the early morning sound effects, too. It sounded very much like Florida in the wee hours. Isn't that funny?

I guess frogs and crickets don't pick up accents!!! LOL!


Tia said...

I knew it was familiar! I'm sure they don't usually get that big - or maybe I'm too familiar with carefully pruned stately home versions. Red faced now!

Birds and birds I think rather than frogs and crickets Alesha - hmmm perhaps our birds have picked up Floridian accents from somewhere! Wouldn't surprise me; we have some birds which have picked up mobile phone ring tones and incorporate them into their songs. And as for the one which imitates my doorbell...

Claire said...

Rhododendron! You're right they do take over the universe. They are not native to the UK and grow huge, stopping light getting to our little native plants.Our coastlines and mountainous areas are full of them, in fact the National Trust holds regular rhododendron bashing weekends to control them!

Doorless said...

I was getting real yard envy until the peacock picture. For some reason I do not like them. I do not know why. They don't even look pretty to me! I suppose it began as a child.
Lovely pictures and your little bed is coming along well.
Have fun!


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