Monday, 2 June 2008

Medicine woman

Someone on special kids in the uk posted a link to Yellow Cross last week. They make, amongst other things, nice bright yellow bags to carry medications in. Quite a few of us over at special kids in the uk had a look at them. I think they look great - far too small for our needs though. Janet from Yellow Cross has joined the SKinUK group, and was asking what size bag we'd need.

A larger one than I'd thought!


justfi said...

Wow Tia, that's quite a 'cast of characters' something around the size of a mini should do it :oO

MOM2_4 said...

I think a carry-on size, provided you go with the max allowed on an international flight, should do it ;o)

Robyn said...

Hope they can sort something out.. We wont need night lights camping, our bright yellow bags will surfice!!! B's list of meds grows every month, I may need a bigger one by then too!!!


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