Monday, 2 June 2008


Living with Little Fish is many things, but never boring. As a part of her speech impediment, she makes one word do the work of many. So for example she is currently muttering "dubba dubba" under her breath - this could be table, trouble, or drugs. I just went to investigate (thanks Karen for the suggetion that she's doing drugs on the table and knows she's in trouble, entertaining but wrong!), and she is sitting in the bathroom blowing bubbles (a fourth dubba dubba) for Mog.

Yesterday she was sitting in the bathroom shouting "Duck!" at me. This usually means she is stuck. We had a long conversation with me telling her she wasn't stuck, she could just move herself, I wasn't coming to rescue her, if she was stuck she could jolly well blame herself and sort it out (yes, we were having one of those days), and her just shouting "Duck" over and over again. Eventually I stormed walked into the bathroom to unstick her, at which point I discovered her floating a little pink plastic duck in the basin! Oh, that duck.

I think I need a break!


Tina said...

Oh I love the ding drugs i the table bit!!!! Reminds me of thetimei answered the phone to a doctor andsaid ring me back I'm just doing drugs!

how wonderful that she was blowing bubbles for Mog..I hope Mog appreciated it...and fancy not thinking of a duck floating!!!
lol sounds like a hapy day in your house then!

MOM2_4 said...

Too funny!!

Besides being a pharmacist we must be translators as well... Funny, I never read any of this BEFORE adopting a special needs kiddo. Of couse TMI before and prospective parents would cower in a corner and miss the blessings special kiddos bring to life. (There are just some days one must dig deep to remember the blessings!)



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