Thursday, 12 June 2008

Health Woes

Mog has had the most awful nappy rash. We cleared that up, only to have her seriously constipated and then in hospital with seizures. Since her hospital stay, we've been dealing with the constipation, and I am pleased to report that this is quite definitely no longer an issue. Hurrah you say? Not quite - she's now got the nappy rash burns again! Back to the Cavillon.

Meanwhile not to be left out., Little Fish is putrifying gently. Here's her manky stoma - after cleaning. It is both infected and overgranulating.And here's this week's treatment - Saline spray, Fucidin H and Sorbsan - seaweed!
It does seem to be helping. She definitely needs it swapping for a button though - she has now discovered that in addition to drinking from the PEG, if her stomach is full enough, it makes a rather effective water pistol.

Vile child.


Tina said...

Oh Joy! love the water pistol idea!
I hope the change ota button resolvesthe overgranulation issues! Silver nitrate worked wonders on Eve's.

Rosie has decided the constipation fitting idea sounded good!

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Childs are so soft.I like childs and some are very beautiful and cute.

Becca said...

Tia, do you think you could start sitting Mog on the toilet to have bowel movements? I've got a sanichair which supports me every bit as well as my wheelchair does to sit comfortably on the loo for as long as needed - if she gets the hang of that then it'll be the absolute ultimate nappy/pad rash cure.

PS at what point do nappies stop being nappies and become pads instead? Obviously at 22 what I use is definately a pad, not a nappy - even if it's a big all-in-one job that looks just the same - but similarly a toddler clearly has a nappy and not a pad. Confusing...

Tia said...

Hi Becca,

Good question. I used to foster older children, and always, always referred to pads not nappies. Goldie always had pads not nappies. Mog arrived age 5 months, and obviously at that point she was wearing nappies not pads. Free pads start arriving here after the child's 4th birthday so I suppose that would be a good age to start referring to pads instead of nappies perhaps? Except that the free pads supplied at the time were Pampers. She's into Tenas now but I'm out of the habit of talking about pads.

Meanwhile just to confuse the issue, Little Fish uses both nappies (Tescos; I'm too cheap to buy Pampers when I don't have to) and pads - the pads being inserts to boost the absorbency.

I do need to start calling them pads again you're right- but then what do you call a nappy rash? Pad rash? Crotch rot? And I need to find nappies/pads for Little Fish without pictures on them before she starts school.

Mog on a commode type seat. We have tried in the past but they do tend to be very uncomfortable for her. I haven't ruled it out as a possibility, but at the moment she's on a liquid diet and needs a liquid stool to stop the constipation. Not sure of any way round that. Definitely need a female version of a Conveen though; now that would help matters.


Anonymous said...

Like Tina said, love the water pistol, but No No No to Silver Nitrate.

I thought that Our A's overgranulation was bad, but she well beats his. We no longer have any on the surface but inside the stoma so it constantly bleeds when the Button is disturbed or changed. Been there for over a year now. Maxitrol is stopping it getting worse but wont clear it completely. community nurses are at a loss to know what elso to try. GP's not helpful as they rarely come across it and just refer us back to the nurses.

Tia said...

We tried silver nitrate a while ago - it smoked and steamed, Little Fish screamed, and when it all settled the granulation tissue said "thank you very much" and continued to grow.


Rx said...

i thought silver nitrate was highly frowned upon nowadays due to the risk of skin burning?

and i love the water pistol..she is a little mischief :)

rachael said...

Hi Tia,

We found that wipes soaked in cannomile tea with a couple of drops of olive oil worked wonders for nappy rash - so gentle it doesn't sting when wiped and quite healing.

Rachael (from Skiuk)

Anonymous said...

silver nitrate is evil !!

after a personal experience of rather hideous overgranulation .. (will tell you one day just not here lol !!) .. final fix was cleaning numerous times a day with hydogren peroxide 3% .. worth a try and certainly no pain involved!


Doorless said...

Granulation tissue~ Oh what fun~ We use washable pads now around the tub sites as they seem to kabsorb drainage and wick it away. They have ultra wuide next to the skin and hemp in the middle. Mikayla was always red until we changed over. .They use silver nitrate sticks here to treat the granulation but apply vaseline around on the healthy skin to prevent burning of it.
What type of extension are you using? I've never seen that one in the states. I bet changing to a button will help with the granulation.
LF is such a clever child. I hope Ashley doesn't learn about the hose tube!

Tia said...

The PEG is a Corflo Merck. I am really hoping the button will improve things - if nothing else then at least she isn't likely to get it trapped in the spokes of her wheelchair!


Alesha said...

What a lively conversation we are having about LF's stoma!

Isaac's was just that big after we got home from the hospital last year. It was bleeding alot, too.

Our doctor recommended a steroid cream. I have NO idea how to pronounce it, but here is the name: Mometasone Furoate Cream USP, 0.1%. That is the generic for Elocon Cream, apparently.

We had to use it religiously once or twice a day for several months. But once the stoma had reduced down, we only have to use it if the tube has been bumped by Isaac's wild arm crossing or something like that.

We do have a little drainage every day, and I do mean just slight. If Isaac has been particularly wild, I apply it even before I notice any stoma forming. It seems to be preventative as well.

When we came home from the hospital, they had us using IV sponges under the button. But we honestly thought that was causing too much friction and actually causing the stome growth.

Anyway, for what it's worth, that's our story. :-)


Sarah said...

I think pads with pictures on them are fine for school btw! It helps us LSAs to remember which ones belong to which child!!

Tia said...

Not when all the children use the same brand it doesn't!

Anonymous said...

great post


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