Saturday, 14 June 2008


I completely forgot one of the nicest moments in the day! So nice in fact that it deserves its own post anyway.

We had lots of the usual chitchat at the fete itself, and the obligatory few words with the visiting dignitaries. When I'm with the girls, this inevitably boils down to "so are they both yours?" "So what's wrong with them?" (although fair play to the town councillor chappy; he at least phrased it as "so what have they got?" - still not sure why the whole world needs to know though and he did spoil it by then inquiring whether it was terminal), and other fairly personal questions.

Having answered some questions and sidestepped others, we were walking home afterwards when we met a man with quite possibly the world's largest black labrador. Must have been just about shoulder height. With Mog grinning and trying to kick the dog, and Little Fish attempting to make herself invisible behind me, he stopped for a few words. "Are they both yours?" - they weren't originally, but they are now, yes. Bracing myself for the follow up you can imagine my delight when his next comment was "Lucky you!" Now that's an attitude I'd like to meet more often!



libby said...

WOW! I can't believe how rude people are to ask such questions in front of the girls - just amazing!! From what I've read it sounds like both you and your girls are extremly lucky to have one another.


Still at Home said...

Hi Tia,
My day was not as busy as yours!
People do say amazing things when they come across "unusual to them" things. Bravo to the man with the labrador.


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