Tuesday, 17 June 2008

What's in the bag?

Take one big and heavy bag. Add twenty Girl Guides.
Stir well and leave to simmer for 20 minutes
Add a certain amount of teamwork.
And hey presto!
This will be our temporary home for a few weeks over the summer holidays - Guide Camp, New Wine, Special Kids in the UK camp, and who knows whether we'll manage to squeeze anything else in too? It's a leeeeeetle smidgeon larger than our old tent; ridiculously massive for just three of us really! But it has shoe racks!
And more importantly, it has space for all the wheelchairs and other equipment. Not to mention it kept the Guides happy and busy all evening whilst the Brownies used our meeting room to cook their pizzas.

Camping here we come!


MOM2_4 said...

That is my kind of tent! Where did you get it? Details... I need details!!

Tia said...

It is a Gelert Mayon Vario 6. And we like it! Details details - it should sleep 6-8 (if littlies) and has 2 sleeping compartments - I'm thinking we'll end up with Mog and I in one. Little Fish in the other. There's enough living space to put up a small pup tent inside if we needed to too. It's high enough to stand up in just about everywhere (I can only just reach the ceiling to clip in the sleeping compartments), and will easily take all the stuff we need to take away with us. We could probably just about park our minibus inside it!


Siobhan said...

that a nice looking tent you have there :)
and shoe racks!!! yay lol
have fun camping


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