Saturday, 21 June 2008

Full Circle

Take a break if you will from the ongoing saga of Mog's birthday blogs, and consider this.

A child has a poor swallow, and ends up aspirating dribble.
This causes chest infections.
So, this child takes a medication to dry up the dribble.
The medication causes a urine infection.
The child takes medication to treat the urine infection.
As a side effect of the medication, the child develops constipation.
As a side effect of the constipation, feeds stay longer in the child's stomach; nowhere else for them to move to.
This causes the child to aspirate.
This has caused a chest infection.

Not Mog but one of our friends; another cycle in the life of a disabled child.

On a more positive note, consider this, as mentioned by Becca in her comment on Mog's birthday post. WANT! We did have a little power chair - one of the old style BIME buggies - for Mog when she was smaller. Actually we still have it; it's sitting in the garage looking for a good home. She couldn't hold the joystick (or sit upright in it, or balance, or hold her head up!) but she did enjoy sending it in circles backwards. She did enjoy her little trike too and knew what she needed to do to make it work. Unfortunately her hips are too sore now to use either of them any more.

So, who will win the lottery for us?


Doorless said...

could they get her a power chair that reclines and has head control?

Becca said...

I'm so chuffed that you like the idea! Whizz Kids as potential funders, maybe?

To Doorless - any postural needs can be accommodated, because the seating units are bespoke - you could use parent-controlled hydraulic tilt/recline to start off with (as you probably do already) and then experiment with giving Mog control over them herself as she gets the hang of mobility.

I note Mog has a pretty handy left foot - I know a couple of people who work their powerchairs and communication aids with their legs/feet, has she tried a kick switch?

Tia said...

You know, Becca, I have mentioned her foot as a possibility for hitting switches so often - she has a communications aid she can't use because people insist she uses her hands for it.

I will speak to Whizz Kidz - I'm not sure they'll help though since Mog is blind. We'll see.


Claire said...

That wheelchair looks brilliant. If Whizz kids can't fund it you could try setting up a fund-raising project online or with your church. Good Luck!


Claire said...

This company makes a tiny electric wheelchair for toddlers and also does one off projects for individual children. They might be able to come up with a more suitable switch system for Mog.


Tia said...

I do like the bugzi - we were looking at that for Little Fish before wheelchair services bought her Spectra.

Robyn said...

BDF Tia? Dont ask many questions!

Caudwell or Elifar Foundation..both reacted quite quickly but ask alot of question about the ins and outs of finances


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