Sunday, 8 June 2008

post script

I did of course forget to mention something in all yesterday's tiredness. Those birthday presents we bought, the pyjamas and the music box, and my own night things, well, they didn't exactly get kept for Mog's birthday. They were however very useful in hospital.

So now - do we wash the pyjamas and wrap them up again, repackage the music box, and hide them away for the next few days? Or do Little Fish and I try to find something else for the birthday?

Mog stayed uncomfortable and unhappy all day yesterday and woke this morning in a massive spasm too. She's had diazepam (left over from her hip op) and has finally relaxed. She didn't make it to her Sunday School class but sat in church with me, and actually sang along to a couple of the songs. So I'm hoping she's emerging out of her drugs and seizure induced black cloud.


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Doorless said...

Go shopping again for new birthday gifts. How fun!


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