Sunday, 22 June 2008

Can't make a cake without breaking eggs

You can't make much of a cake if your small child does this either.
Ever tried cleaning eggs off a floor before? The yolks are alright but those slippery whites don't stick to the cloth, they won't be gathered up in fingers, they just flow through or around whatever you use to sop them up.

Meanwhile small child, obeying the command to "just stay AWAY whilst I clear it up" decides to help herself to a drink instead, using a cup given to me by Goldie's grandmother.
Anyone for eggless sponge cake served on a plastic plate? There are times when removing her mobility is really really tempting!



Robyn said...

{{hugs}} on the mug...that must have hurt


Doorless said...

So sorry about the cup. CAn you glue it . I know it won't be the same for drinking but you would still have it to remind you of good memories. Busy , busy child . Time for time out !!!!

Tina said...

Sorry about th ecup, eggs are great for getting stains out the carpet....but then you dont have carpet!
Hugs is it bed time????

Anonymous said...

if you cover the egg with salt it will solidify and make it easier to clean up. Discovered this as I never did discover how to stop them getting at the eggs lol, Donna


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