Friday, 27 June 2008

Saved by the bells

No, Mog doesn't need you to clean her teeth with a bib
Put that medicine bottle DOWN
Stop pressing the buttons
Put the knives back and shut the drawer
Get away from the mirror with that banana
No, the fish don't want to eat your yoghurt
There is no more chocolate
Get AWAY from the taps
Please, just let me WEE IN PEACE!
Yes, Little Fish?
Thank you cooking my dinner, kiss you chin and knees now.

Melt. Cuddles all round, deep breath, and find something nice to do together.

A morning of finding more things Little Fish should not be doing, touching, moving, fiddling with or otherwise destroying. And then salvation, a phone call "We're going swimming, want to come?"

A swim, a plate of chips (and only one bad choke), an ice lolly, a nicely tired Little Fish happy to spend the afternoon snuggling with more mutual kissing of knees and chins and other pointy bits, some piano playing and some cooking once Mog came home.

And then the doorbell too "that my Daddy 'ere now" - Grandad home from Australia and calling in to see us all. Much excitement from both girls and more entertainment until bedtime.

And now? A silent house, Little Fish is sleeping having finally found a comfortable position for her new Nippy mask - we have three masks on rotation at the moment and they're each differently uncomfortable. This one seems to be the best fit, but it needs tweaking just right to avoid blowing into her eyes all night.

An evening phone call from my brother; Mog was able to shout at him to let him know she likes his birthday present and that she wants to go shopping to buy trousers with her birthday money. That's tomorrow sorted then - not sure why she feels the need for trousers but since this was the year of the sock perhaps she wants something to match. She's now sleeping sweetly too, presumeably dreaming of a day at the shops. I wonder what Little Fish will make of that as an option.



Anonymous said...

Aww--don't they know how to make the troubles all better!
Sounds like Little Fish likes to keep you on the go--with plenty of loving to make it all worthwhile.

Doorless said...

Little Fish is very busy!!! I think she does not want you to be bored. Good thing she can go to Nursery!
Hope both let you have a quiet sleep tonight.

Tina said...

Me thinks little fish and Rosie best not swap too many ideas for mischief! Heart melingmomentsofkisses and cuddles make us realise we are in the right job though!


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