Wednesday, 18 June 2008

A bitty day

Let me tell you a tale or two.

We'll start with the passport applications. It's easy enough; collect an application form from the post office, fill it in, get photos, find a counter signatory, take it back to the post office.
That's the theory. In practice, taking a photograph of a severely disabled photophobic child which meets the standards for a passport application is not the work of a few seconds. Click after click after click until finally something which met enough of the standards that an explanatory note might cover the rest was obtained.

And then, fill in the forms. Error number one was made by our first countersignatory, who crossed something out, resulting in the application form being rejected by the post office.

A new application form, a new error - this time by our new countersignatory, who signed with too large a flourish and went outside the lines. A teacher who can't keep inside the lines, dreadful.

A new application form (and each form is handed out singly, after queueing at the post office behind many old ladies wishing to collect pensions and impatient women wanting to post parcels to the Outer Hebrides, and small children wishing to buy a single stamp), an other new error. This time, my mistake, I have have written passport numbers instead of post codes.

This time, I get clever, I request two application forms at the same time. And today, with yet another new countersignatory, I managed to drop off a completed application form. This one was accepted by the post office so hopefully within a fortnight Mog should finally have a new passport.

A nicer task next; Mum dropped a vat of these in on her way to work this morning.
So I have been hulling them and chopping out the slug bites,and giving pots away to as many people as we can, safe in the knowledge that more vats will be arriving daily until the harvest is over. Some kind of strawberry chocolate gateau in order for Mog's birthday tomorrow I think.

Next, this:
A sneak preview of Little Fish's superduper new lightweight chair*. We don't actually have it yet; it's got to go back to have belt and cushions fitted. But it's looking good.

Speaking of birthdays; I'm sure I remember Bob telling me that he would be finished by Mog's birthday. I'm pretty sure I remember him saying that last year too. And yet our gate still looks like this: The wall still needs painting, the ramps still need building, the windowsill still needs replacing, and the woodwork needs finishing off.

He did come over this afternoon and finish off the fountain though - and I think it looks jolly marvellous!
*No, the stripes on her arms weren't planned to match the tigers on her chair. They just happened. I'm told (by her) that it was necessary.


Almost American said...

Ooh! That fountain is gorgeous! I want one!

Alesha said...

Your fountain is just fabulous! I've never seen anything like it! If Bob ever gets done, your yard will be exquisite, won't it? :-) I think your house is his creative outlet!!!

The wheelchair looks good - matches LF's personality, a little fiesty and extremely cute!

Enjoy the berries!

Doorless said...

I love the fountain. How lovely! I think the strawberries will be great any way you fix them. I sure wish I could get Ashley a chair like that. Got to love the stripes. She is so clever.

Anonymous said...

oh my word .. we too have been through the trials of the passport forms this week .. we're on coutersignatory 2 ( for the 2nd time) and the fourth form ! For various minute and daft reasons.

The fountain is BEEEAAAUTIFUL!!!!! I want one too ! .. ok bob has taken his time but he is producing some very lovely things in your gardn ..

wish we lived closer to your strawberry grandma!

S xx


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