Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Is it bedtime yet?

Little Fish awake at 11 last night.
Mog awake at 2 and then from 6.
No cleaner, no explanation.
Took LF swiming this afternoon; she ran over another child's foot in her powerchair, rolled off the changing bench onto the hard tiled floor, inhaled a good lungful of pool water (as I grabbed her, purple and not breathing, out of the arms of the member of staff holding her, and then proceeded to turn her upside down and drain out a fair amount of chlorinated water, the staff member in question asked me what I was doing and why. Hmmm - no points for observation).
Now Little Fish is weeping buckets because she has thrown all the Mr Men books onto the floor and there aren't any left on the table for her to throw, and Mog is moaning because she can't hear her music over LF's tantrum.

So, is it bedtime yet?


Tina said...

praying your sleep is restorative tonight.That Mog too has healing sleep and Litle fish allows the pair of you to sleep peacefully.
the books onthe floor scenario akes me back to the speech therapist trying to get Jonathan to shou crash by throwing the bricks at the wall...young, no children, she couldn;t understand why I did not feel it was quite the right game!!!!


Doorless said...

What a day! I sometimes wonder what gets into people who are to be responsible. Hope all is well and you get some sleep tonight.

Tia said...

Impressive prayer, Tina. Little Fish slept without a single beep from her Nippy and without needing to be turned over. Mog slept through until 5.45 (very civilised!), changed her and her sore is almost gone this morning which is excellent. And I therefore managed to sleep too, woke up and filled in some paperwork which has been hanging over my head.

Thanks Tina!


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