Thursday 4 March 2010

A better day

an awful start but a much better day. Slow but steady improvements, although the constant splutter drown cough has been replaced by some deeply unpleasant greenish grey gunk which has been scraped up and sent away to see what it might be growing.

Down to 2 litres oxygen tonight, still on IV steroids and now starting antibiotics too. Tired but happy; I have abandoned her and come up to the parents room at the very top of the hospital. Creepy place but it has a bed so I'll not complain.

Going to be in for a few days I suspect but hopefully out of HDU if she has a decent night tonight. Friend is staying with Little Fish tonight and has even committed to dressing her as Lola from Charlie and Lola for the school's world book day celebration tomorrow. And yes, they are celebrating a day late, I haven't just lost a day!

Next step for me, work out how to clone myself as school is, rather inconsiderately, closed for the weekend from tomorrow afternoon and my stock of Little Fish sitters has run out. Not sure if she'll be allowed on HDU; another reason to hope Mog improves enough to be elsewhere from tomorrow. Although where that elsewhere will be I'm not quite sure - beds are still an issue I think.

Still, for now, she has one and I have another and we're only half a dozen floors apart. And whilst she may have snoozed most of the day away, I did not. Going to make up for lost time.



Claire said...

Love to all of you. xXx

Yvonne said...

Hope you manage to catch up on a little sleep. So glad Mog is feeling a little better.

Doorless said...

Hope you are able to get it all sorted out and some rest. Glad to hear Mog is getting better.

Riven said...

hope she is better soon. Poor lil girl

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you very much.
You are an inspiration,so brave.
Hope Mog improves and improves.


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