Sunday, 14 March 2010


Sometimes, you just have to put aside everything else that's happening, and celebrate. A huge party last year, the unspoken thought in most people's minds that this would be our friend's last Birthday Party. One year on, and we're celebrating his sixth Birthday. He's an amazing lad. And it was lovely to see him really wide awake and enjoying what was going on around him. And for future reference, I'll be bearing in mind the fact that blowing the smoke from seventy-umpteen candles into a child's face is an effective way of ensuring a good nasal and sinus clearout!

A big giant bouncy castle outside for more active children, coffee and cakes and conversation for the grownups, and for Jack's less mobile friends, a special Soundabout session.
Truly interactive music, a group performance from the children who would in many parties be the ones shuffled off into the corner.
No chance of that happening here.
Even Little Fish, the champion "I not like parties and I not going and I will sit outside on my own acos I am not liking the party" whinger decided this one might just be fun.

Good times.


Tina said...

Just so pleased this party was on!
Love and hugs to all

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

What a fun birthday celebration!! :) It looks like everyone had fun.

Yvonne said...

Happy Mothering Sunday!

Sara x said...

A truly special day xxx

Doorless said...

What a wonderful celebration! I am so happy for the family . That pic of LF says it all!


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