Friday, 12 March 2010

Fretful Friday

So, tonight Little Fish cried herself to sleep. Why? Because I made her wear the full-face mask for her Nippy. She doesn't like that one; she can't suck her thumb. But she's got a sore on her cheek and an ulcer on her lip and her face needs a break from the nasal mask. So she had to just deal with it.

And then Mog cried herself to sleep. Why? Well, she's going through another "I must grizzle until I drop off" phase, but she also seems uncomfortable. Four movicol induced code browns can't be helping with that; her abdomen has wrinkles where it's finally deflating. Not fun. But, not much we can do about that either.

Friends in Florida are watching their son undergo surgery to replace a blocked shunt.

Friends locally said a final goodbye to their young son this afternoon.

And friends living somewhere between Florida and here have had the security pulled out from underneath them, and just been informed that the end of life plans they'd made for their child may not be allowed to happen that way.

Putting that in context; I have two daughters, both home, both currently in reasonably good health, both tucked up in bed and asleep. I am blessed.

Excuse me; I feel the need to eat a big bowl of pasta.


Alesha said...

thank you, Tia, for your prayers! sorry your girls weren't happy this evening. praying they rest better today.

and I'm with many things to be thankful for this day!!!


MOM2_4 said...

Hugs Dear! Thankful moments to be sure, but even so not always the easiest. Praying you have a nice uneventful weekend ~ uneventful in "extras" but full of happy events!

Doorless said...

Hugs and prayers. It is so hard to see our friends having to deal with so much right now. Have been praying for Issac and his family'
Have a friend moving 150 miles away because her daughters mito has become so bad they need to be near her doctors at the medical center that specializes in her type. Not good as she is severe and has been n=med flighted three times in tow months. On top of this this child while mentally lower functioning but much better able than my girls understands everything that is happening.
Hope LF heals fast. Alicia still has a scar on the top of her nose.
Get some rest.


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