Friday 5 March 2010


A much better night followed by an even better day. This afternoon saw a return of evil Mog, kicking hersister and tipping supplies off her wheelchair tray as we packed up ready to leave the ward. Huge excitement and big smiles. And then we got upstairs, and the whole world realised she had been expecting to go home. Huge weeps and utter misery and one soggy dejected and mightily hacked off little girl.

Me, I'm less unhappy. We have a room with its own en suite shower! US readers may not appreciate this for the luxury it really is. And Mog is off the oxygen and keeping her sats up reasonably well. Just need her to stick at it overnight and then I'm sure we'll be talking home again. Although we won't be mentioning that to her until it's for definite.

I'd like to get home, but more than that, I'd like to get to the bottom of her recent problems. So I'd really like tonight to be nicely typical. And meanwhile, if I ever suggest bringing bananas into hospital, someone please shoot me. Day three and they're stinky. But if this is the most I have to worry about then life must be pretty good.



Alesha said...

So glad to hear Mog has had a better day!!!

And, yes, I do appreciate the in-room shower. Our rooms in Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando have only had a shower included one time. And we have been in there many, many times.

In fact, the rooms we are usually in do not even have showers available on the floor. There is one bathroom, within hiking distance (barely)! We take a room in the Ronald McDonald house sometimes, just to have a shower available.

So, I am SO glad you have access to a shower. They can make a WORLD of difference at the end of a frazzled day. :)

Continued prayer for healing and answers,

Anonymous said...

Very pleased & relieved to read Mog's been up to her kicking tricks! Long may it continue.
K x

MOM2_4 said...

Praying they get to the bottom of the recent troubles while still letting you get to go home soon!!

YAY! For in room showers. That is not a luxery we have here, unless one just happens to be at a hospital that does have a few private rooms w/bath. But these add a huge chunk of change to your bill. The hospital Josh frequents has an in room sink, a toilet down the hall, and shower/bath way down the hall for patients only. I have to treck home for a shower.

Hugs & Prayers!!

R said...

Oh, poor Mog. I recognise how she felt so strongly that I'm having a bit of a cry now... the last time I was in hospital I ended up discharging myself and winging it because I just couldn't bear it any more. Please give her a big big hug from me and tell her that when she is a grownup she will be able to decide for herself when she is ready to go home - even if it's not a good idea!

Tia I'd really like to see if I can give you guys any help with getting Mog access to language - it's so very clear that she doesn't have any significant impairment of understanding words (some perhaps - not readily assessed - but certainly not profound) and I've been going over what you said about switches, and kicking as communication... when Mog is sprung and you've all settled down, give me a shout and I'll see if I can do anything.

Pink (AKA Lucia) said...

I hope Mog feels better soon. Being in the hospital sucks. You all will be in my thoughts.


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