Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Thinking through treacle - ROSY to the rescue!

Tiredness takes its toll - my thought process is somewhat slower than usual. Indvidual thinks make a good start for themselves, but seem to take the long route through minor unused mental lanes, resting in laybys before finally landing at their destination. Usually substantially later than expected, occasionally permanently lost in transit.

So, it's taken around a fortnight for the initial thought "Mog's breathing is less obstructed when she sleeps propped on her side", coupled with "but side sleeping is really painful for her as the pins and plates in her hips dig in", to meet up with their natural third thought - "I wonder if a pressure relieving mattress would be more comfortable for her to sleep on?"

Having successfully connected the three thoughts, it's taken another week or so to move the thought out of the layby and into action "ROSY have some inflatable mattresses available for families to borrow; I wonder if we could try one out?"

I emailed ROSY's George last night. This morning, there was a response waiting for me. "The mattress is ordered and paid for and will be with you tomorrow." No "Oo, are you sure she needs it?" No "Let's just get the rep out in six week's time to talk about it", no "you've just missed the funding panel, we'll try again next month", no forms to fill out or phone calls to make. One simple "do you have one we could try?" email, and a response explaining that for hygiene reasons they don't lend them but will buy us one no problem.

So whilst my own thoughts might be on a go slow, it's good to know that ROSY's are working superfast.

Thanks, George!


Doorless said...

Wonderful! I am so happy for you. Now hopefully both you and Mog will get more sleep! Sleep is good!

Order and Chaos said...

That's brilliant Tia - hope it does the trick for Mog.... and you.

Tina said...

Oh Wonderful! So pleased someone is rushing to your Aid without having to cause further hassle.
So much hoping and praying this helps you both have more restful nights.
Love and hugs

Sara x said...

How wonderful. we are having the same problem with Maverick, it seems he breathes better in a nearly sitting up position, sleeps best in pushchair. Have tried cushions, pillows, props he just moves over them arrraaahhh.

I hope this works for mog and you get a good night sleep.

Elinor said...

Rosy are the business.


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