Saturday 20 October 2012


Seven sleeps til Florida, six sleeps til Gatwick; much excitement from the Little Princess. Less excitement from Mog, who now appears to have an upset tummy from the antibiotics she's on to treat her manky gastrostomy; following on immediately from a different set for her most recent chest infection, she is now feeling pretty worn out.

6 more sleeps until she has to be well enough to cope with the travel.

And therefore 5 more sleeps for me to keep on noticing little things like the lack of a transformer on the charger for tLP's wheelchair, oops. Thankfully we can I hope pick one up in the morning. Powerchairs are great bits of kit but not much use without their charge.

I say sleeps because for some reason tLP understands that better than days or nights. Which is odd, because if I were her I'd be counting a night when she wakes up in the middle as two separate sleeps. By which logic, she ought to be flying tomorrow or Sunday at the latest, and Mog should already be there.

It's not been the most peaceful of nights.


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