Wednesday 31 October 2012

Happy day highs

Mog's definitely back on form.

New clothes today, quite a bit of shopping actually. She turned down the chance to shop with our nearly 17 year old friend, opting instead to stick with me - giggling because she thought I had more money. She laughed as tLP puked her lunch (lots of choking these past 2 days, not quite sure why), she grinned as she kicked everyone under the table tonight, and howled with laughter when she managed to insult our friends. It's amazing how rude a non-verbal child can be when she tries!

No painkillers, no anti spasms, no extra meds at all, just lots of happiness and generally seizing the chance to have a really Good Day.

Epcot tomorrow


Tina said...

So wonderful to see those smiles. My prayers are with you each day. Hugs cxxxx

Alesha said...

Yay for a Happy Mog!!!!

Hmmmmm for a puking tLP! We are in major allergen season here, and the windy days do make that worse for a bit. Could it possibly be drainage from allergy?

Praying it's nothing serious and that you have another happy day!

n said...

That's so lovely to read and see. Glad you are all having a wonderful time, makes me wish I could teleport myself and the Pants there. xx

Anonymous said...

Photo's of your holiday fun are great!


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