Thursday, 25 October 2012

Getting Ready

On today's to-do list

  1. Shower girls, prune and trim and generally make tidy before school.
  2. Breakfasts and meds and everything else we normally need to do.
  3. Finish packing.
  4. Cats to cattery.
  5. Washing.
  6. Washing up.
  7. Update girls' medical information books and pack them too.
  8. Load bus.
  9. Empty bins.
  10. Talk to neighbours.
  11. Deal with overflow of fruit and veg.
  12. double check passports, tickets, etc.
  • Make luggage labels and write them.
  • check everything cancelled which needs to be cancelled.
  • Leave notes for them wot needs notes.
  • Not on today's to-do list
    1. Nip into school and shave my daughter.
     And here would follow a thoughtful post about children growing up, except that this was needed in order to tape her arms to help her muscle tone, rather than any teen girl crisis. And I'd still be inclined to muse about how this wasn't how I'd envisaged buying her her own razor (if I had ever planned these things), but the school bus has just turned up, and so I must unload girls from there and load them onto our own. Let the holidays begin!



    Yvonne said...

    So excited about your holiday, have a fantastic time!

    pippinsmum said...

    Have a wonderful holiday Pat


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