Wednesday, 24 October 2012

No, please no!

I occasionally take a hunt through blogger stats to see what people look for when coming to this blog.

And I'd like to take issue with the first searcher. "A pint weighs a pound the world around." No it doesn't; here in Merrie England "A pint of pure water weighs a pound and a quarter." Yus folks; perhaps it's the only thing bigger in England than in America, but our pints are a very satisfying 20oz.

But to the searcher hunting for "movicol cats" I'd just like to say no, please no! I can't imagine how you'd get it into them and I sincerely hope to stop imagining the results fairly shortly. There must be a better way - glycerine suppositories?

In other news, our bags are packed, the girls are excited, and, thanks to a friend phoning at the perfect moment, my kitchen is shiningly clean. The cats are not yet rounded up, but a nice cold night should keep them tucked up behind my knees, Mog has properly stopped coughing (note to self: empty suction pump before security) and is back to being chilly rather than warm, and this time tomorrow, we shall be in a hotel in Gatwick!



Caz said...

hope you all have a wondeful time

Linda said...

Here's to a wonderful holiday! My daughter is at DisneyWorld this week having a whale of a time, and says the weather is just lovely.


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