Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Beautiful Day

Today is a respite day. Miss Mog at Viking House, the Little Princess with choir after school, so a long day mine all mine.

A friend to meet for lunch, vague plans for the rest of the day, and altogether much relaxation planned.

And then...

A very over tired Princess, ratty and obnoxious and shouting at the carer.

No school bus, waited until beyond the point of lateness and then walked tLP to school instead.

Three phone calls from school plus four from respite, a rescue trip to deliver extra medication and a not very happy Mog.

Or, viewed another way...

The chance to witness our carer's behaviour management techniques, with time to step in supportively, without abandoning Mog mid-routine.

A chance to walk with tLP, holding hands not grumping about running over her sister's wheels. A gentle chat and some beautiful giggles, precious unrushed and undistracted conversation. And then a peaceful meander home with no excuse to avoid a spot more exercise.

A school and respite unit who know Mog well enough to keep her safe, know when to call for help, know what help they need, and work together to make Mog as comfortable. And where Mog is happy enough to decide to go back to respite for a rest, rather than coming home.

And then a very very lovely chicken noodle soup with a friend and her delightful son, a new recipe resulting in some rather luscious lemon biscuits, a quick cuppa with another friend, and now Steel Magnolias and a new knitting project.

A beautiful day.

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