Wednesday 17 October 2012

Abingdon Crop Circles

Otherwise known as "What happens when you tell your daughter she's not coming inside until she's cleaned the dog poo off her wheels."

There's a particular point in our most common route where there is nearly always a festering pile of poo. It seems to remain fairly constant in terms of quantity and consistency; I'm tending to the theory therefore that it's one particular dog rather than just a popular pooing point for passing pooches.

Perhaps fortunately, it's just that bit too far away for me to set a guard to inform on the perpetrator. Although if I did, and if I then confronted the owner of the dung shedding dog, and begun the confrontation with "a little bird told me", could I then consider the guard to be a genuine stool pigeon?

These are the thoughts which march across my mind as I send my daughter back into the muddy puddle for another rinse, whilst hunting for a nice sharp poo cleaning stick.


pippinsmum said...

Well that's a new take on Pooh sticks, sorry Tia, couldn't resist the pun!Pat

Tina said...

Gloves and pooh bags might be an easier option

Alesha said...

This post cracked me up!!! :)


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