Tuesday 2 October 2012


Meet Munchkin. S/he is very beautiful. But far too at home in our house, and has Grolly and Benjamin both prowling around my bedroom at night, keen to inform me that their favourite sleeping spot has been misappropriated once more.

Shutting the cat flap leads to many puddles and pongy deposits; Grolly not being one to deign to use a litter tray. Except at the cattery, where, apparently, she is a model cat.

So, any tips for long-term eviction?

She loves in the house which backs onto ours; her family are lovely and gave us some beautiful flowers in exhange for three of her collars - she likes to shed them in our cat flap. I know she's loved, well cared for, and well fed. So it's not a case of a cat needing a loving home. It's a case of a very hissy growly cat deciding our sunroom, cat food, laundry basket and doormat are hers and hers alone. And of my own cats being wimps.

And, if tips are being offered, anyone know where the twenty partners to the odd socks in this laundry basket might be hiding?



Anonymous said...

Rather pricey, but the PetPorte cat flap is totally brilliant.

Elmo_spoon said...

you can get cat flaps that will only work with your cat's magnetic collar. also, you can now get cat flaps that work with your pet's chip. I was sent a leaflet about it from anibase. my cat's just indoor and balcony though so It's not something I've used personally.

Claire said...

Squirt her with orange peel when ever you see her, cats hate the smell! Just be careful not to get it in her eyes.

Hello Elmo! Further proof that everyone in the world knows you.

Elmo_spoon said...

This is the first time I've actually commented here Claire though I've been reading for quite some time.

I can't actually remember who introduced me to this blog because so many of my friends now read it!


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