Tuesday, 30 October 2012

We Ride the I-ride

I can't say how nice it is to be able to turn up without any kind of appointment or prearrangement, to know that within the next twenty minutes a bus will turn up, and that it will have space for two girls and their wheelchairs.

To know that the driver will have no hesitation in getting people to shift down the bus out of the wheelchair spots, and that there will be not just space, but four point tie downs, on each and every bus, is impressive.

Add in the fact children travel for free, adults travel for not a lot, and no one else on the bus huffs and puffs about the time it takes to clamp the girls in, and you have a transportation system which really works. Provided you ignore the fact that some of the drivers don't know how to operate the lift, that is. Thankfully, their radio link person seems to have clear instructions, and on the one occasion the lift wouldn't cooperate at all, the supervisor turned up in an empty bus within minutes, and beat it back into submission.

We like. It makes it possible not to drive, it means we don't need taxis everywhere we go; we can in fact be tourists just like everyone else.

Of course, when the ahem charming child behind me decides to use my admittedly well padded rear end as a foot rest, I think the taxi option might not be such a bad option after all...


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