Friday 12 October 2012

Celebrations about a complication-free anaesthetic may have been premature.

Or possibly we had our 'flu jabs too late.

Or perhaps this is a reaction to the 'flu jab.

Or maybe it's the lurgy which is apparently running rampant in school.

Or it's four weeks since the last lurgy, and four weeks since the one before that, and four weeks since the one before that, so maybe there's some kind of a pattern there.

Or perhaps it is that she knows we're going to Florida in a fortnight and would like to ensure I have a fully grey head before we go.

But whatever the cause, miss Mog was an ok but sniffly oxygen dependent chest infection confirmed by GP girl this morning. And this evening is all that with the added joy of not seeming to cope on CPAP. Which is odd, because that's normally our failsafe.

So we're watching and waiting and praying she shifts it, hoovering pints of slime, and have Grandparents on standby in case we have to relocate in the middle of the night.

It's not great.



Lisa B said...

Oops! Hope Mog feels better soon and you don't need to relocate this weekend.

Caz said...

I'm sorry, hope it resolves very soon.

Anonymous said...

That's rotten luck and timing, poor Mog and all of you. Y xxx

Alesha said...

sorry I missed this...praying she is better by now, and assuming since you've blogged, but not said anything, all is now well? :)



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