Saturday 6 October 2012

Give me strength!

Mum, I wanna get up.
Hey, Mum, why are you getting me up? I wanna stay in bed.
Mu-um, I wanna sit on the toilet, I don't wanna toilet, I wanna no no nooooooooi!!!!!

I don't wanna go to town. I don't wanna have a flu jab. I don't wanna do shopping. I don't wanna go to a cafe.

I do wanna cafe but only if I have a drink and you don't.

I do like tomato soup. I will eat it, I will, please please please can we have this tin of soup?

Hey Mum, I don't wanna go in the bus I wanna go to the cafe. I don't wanna go home.

What's for lunch?

I don't want tomato soup I hate tomato soup it will make me sick I don't wanna it.

Hey Mu-um why aren't you listening to me?



AlisonM said...

I did try not to laugh....honest!!

Tia said...

Not hard enough - I heard you from here!


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