Saturday, 20 October 2012

For the beauty of the earth

And the beauty of the skies
Lord, unto Thee we raise
This our anthem of praise.

Mog's currently into a cappella hymn singings. We've been immersed in Mennonite Youth Choirs, thanks to YouTube. She's particularly did of joining in with anything which has been recorded outside and sung simply.

Unfortunately, the vagaries of Yourube, or perhaps my own incompetence, mean I can only get one song for her at a time unless she's at our main computer. One hymn isn't quite enough to lull her to sleep, and getting up every three minutes to hit the replay button (or worse, find another decent track) isn't my idea of fun.

So in the interests of her enjoyment and my continued sanity, does anyone have any suggestions for a nice iTunes album? She's not impressed with the previews we've found do far and definitely doesn't want Chamber Choirs.



FLO said...

Can't recommend an album, but if you get a youtube account (simple esp with a pre-existing google account) you can create a play list of videos that will play back to back, so Mog won't be left without singing =]


Musical Lottie said...

If you have a YouTube account (or a GMail account) you can sign in and create playlists of videos you like. So you can create a playlist for getting Miss Mog off to sleep now, and then when her tastes change you can create a different one :)

Alesha said...

I wonder if she might like "Glory Revealed". It's a compilation of various artists (Steven Curtis Chapman, Mac Powell, David Crowder), but it's all done acoustically.

You can have a listen on Amazon, if you want.


Alesha said...

The Haven of Rest quartet is really good, too. They have several a cappella recordings.


Tina said...

Eve is into Joni eareckso n and the master choral bit I don't think they're on YouTube or iTunes.

Tia said...

I can create youtube playlists, but I need a means of playing them on the ipad; they seem to stick at one song. And ideally, without wifi so she could take them to respite.

Sarah said...

On iTunes, at least here in America, is a group called Laudate Mennonite Ensemble. They have a couple different albums.

Danni said...

If you can't find anything suitable elsewhere, you can convert youtube videos to mp3, which would mean you could put them on the iPad through iTunes and make a playlist there. There are websites that make this easy if you google. (The websites have lots of adverts but no nasties.)

Finding suitable songs on iTunes is quicker and easier, but I've resorted to this method if I can't find a song elsewhere. I like it when videos of songs have links to download or buy :-)


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