Thursday, 4 October 2012

Here we go.

Outpatients aside, we've avoided hospital for Miss Mog for a few years now. Home support, hospice support, and everything we've needed has been provided.

This procedure is not of my choosing. We're now next on the list and waiting to go. Every so often, I doubt the evidence in front of me, and so I thought I'd better double check that Mog really did want to go through this.

She's sure!


Alesha said...

Praying that all goes well!


Tia said...

Thank you. It did. Will take a few days to start taking effect, but she's full of smiles and busy winding up the hospice staff already, so feeling pretty good I think!

Danni said...

I'm glad it went well :-)

I hope it's as effective as it can be. I love pictures of Mog like this one- she looks so happy and certain :-)


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