Sunday, 7 October 2012

More on Mog

"Give it a few days, then start stretching her for several hours every day" read the discharge instructions.

Great, except that holding an arm into a position it doesn't want to be in is easier said than done. And whilst strapping an arm into clothing or chest straps will keep it from flipping up around the shoulder, it won't help to splint a wrist.

Enter a Picture Puffin and a couple of scarves.

I think she approves; I just hope the physio does too!


Anonymous said...

I didn't see that Mog was having this done until now, sorry. I hope this works for Mog. I am still thinking about by the event at the healing service, have you tried going again? Y

Cobblegasm said...

*fingers crossed* you get a good result from this Mog!

Tia said...

Healing Service was at New Wine, which is an annual summer camp/conference. We will be back, but not until August. I could tote her around different healing services, but I don't think that's necessarily a helpful thing to be doing. So we are praying that the Botox works (it has, hurray for answered prayer!), that she comes through the anaesthetic without problems (she did; big yay again!), and that the stretches we can now do whilst the Botox is doing its stuff will be effective in the longer term and carry over once the botox wears off (ongoing).

Anonymous said...

I wasn't suggesting you drag her around healing services, I hope you didn't think I was! Y

Tia said...

No don't worry - can't imagine you suggesting that!


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