Saturday, 21 March 2009

All work and no play

Makes for a tedious life.

So we took a break from the Big Clean yesterday, and met up with friends in town. Little Fish commandeered my camera to take photos from the Farmer's Market.And then one inside the coffee shop before rejecting the camera in favour of the iPhone. I do like our iPhone, but the camera on it is definitely not one of the best. This Little Man did his best to pose for Little Fish, but the camera wasn't having any of it.
And it can't really sort out contrast
or focus...
But, happily, we were at the coffee shop (yes that is my leg) to meet friends, not to show off our skills with a camera. Nice coffee, good lunch, excellent company, lots of laughter, mostly inappropriate if you don't share our reality, and a few hours to set ourselves up for the rest of the week.

And then home and back to the cleaning.

From thisto thisand thisThe blank wall admittedly uninspiring (in fact, is that the most boring photo ever posted to a blog? Probably!), but when we have our next round of building works it will actually become a vast extended doorway into Mog's bedroom. Hurrah.

And then the playroom and the sunroom.
And whilst I appreciate that this photo probably resembles most people's "before" photos, I'd just like to say that it's been so long since it looked this good, that I found the following photos in amongst the piles of crudunfiled paperwork

Yes, she really was that small once, and yes, it probably has been that long.

It's been an odd sort of a clearout; I keep finding things which have no use now whatsoever, and yet I can't quite throw them out. I did throw away Goldie's educational Annual Review reports which I found in one pile, and I did throw out 57 odd socks and an ancient swimming costume. I couldn't throw out the 18th birthday cards, nor the blurry photos from the school notice board, and nor yet the label she "drew" for a sunflower seed on Sunday morning at church. So far, so sentimental, and probably just about ok. But what do I do with the 23 order of service cards from her funeral? The commemorative jumper from the her first Guide Camo? The twelve pairs of socks which did actually match, but are too worn to be handed on? The belt from one of her cardigans?

Most of it is probably rubbish, and the sensible thing to do would be to throw it away, just as the sensible thing to do with my phone would be to delete the number of her Home, and just as sooner or later I'm going to have to replace my keyring (which has a photo of her on it). And yet...

And now my dinner is ready (and yes, the kitchen is still clean and shiny), and I am going to enjoy it. I'd enjoy it even more if there were space to sit down with it in the sitting room, but all those papers had to go somewhere, right?



Tina said...

I have a large cardboard memory box that those things go in!
Keeps them all together, it is large enough to be added to, and it is neat enough to not look like apile of junk!


Tia said...

That's a good idea in theory, but then where do you put the memory box itself?


Anonymous said...

What about a memory box that is a feature? Perhaps you could think more of a chest that could double as a coffee table or a box that would be a feature on the book shelves?



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