Monday, 2 March 2009


Hello, is that Mrs [Mog's Lastname]?

No, this is Tia, but I think I am who you are looking for.

I am phoning from [Medical Equipment Supply Company]. We have a collection from you and we will come tomorrow if that is ok.

You have a collection? What are you planning to collect?

I am phoning from [Medical Equipment Supply Company]. It is an item of Medical Equipment.

I need to know what equipment you are collecting, so that I can have it ready for you. We have a lot of pieces of equipment here.


Is it a bed you are wanting to collect?

Yes, yes, it is a bed and we will collected it tomorrow.

No, no, you won't, you can't, the new bed is not expected until Friday.

That's right, so we'll collect the other tomorrow.

No - Tomorrow is Tuesday, and the new bed does not come until Friday.

Right, so we'll be here to pick up the old on tomorrow between 9 and 5.

No - you really won't, because the new bed does not come until Friday and my daughter still needs the old one until then. And we are also out all day tomorrow.

Please Hold.

*cheery music for an interval*

OK, Hello, Mrs [Mog's Lastname]?

Still not me, but carry on...

We will come on Friday to pick up the bed.

Thank you.


I should be used to it really; this is the company who sent a man with no hands to assemble a bed for me nine years ago. The company who delivered a footrest and tray and manage to lose the actual chair in their warehouse for weeks. The company who could not understand why delivering a red chair when a green chair had been ordered might be an issue, after all, it was the same chair wasn't it?

So Friday should be interesting. What's the betting this company turn up to collect Mog's bed (which will need taking dismantling in her bedroom before they can get it through the door) just at the same time the new company deliver Mog's new bed (which will need to be assembled in the sitting room)?



mq, cb said...

Bet they turn up tomorrow when you are out and then even though they can not collect the bed because you are not there, they still don't turn up on Friday when you are.

heidi @ ggip said...

Wow. I hope it really truly is worked out. I have had some similar conversations with my insurance company.

Doorless said...

UGH! Hope they get it properly sorted and Mog truly gets the bed she needs.

Tia said...

That's what I'm thinking too mq - that or they will collect it on Friday but then the new bed will either not turn up or turn up and have some kind of problem.

Cynical? Me?

Sara x said...

Im sorry im laughing because ive been there to. I hope they turn up on friday in the form of a very helpful person ready with tools to remove bed. (awaken from dream). Fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

I reckon we use that company too....

Catherine said...

Waiting with baited breath for the next bed installment... Really hope that this time it all goes miraculously smoothly!!
Catherine x

Elinor said...

You must make a video of what happens, Tia.

PMDPeter said...

There were 3 in a bed and little Mog said 'Mummy where my bed gone'

Too much to hope it all falls into place.

Seriously I hope it does come together on Friday.


Tina said...

I am not holding my breath that it will all fall into I can imagine is that they arrive as promised but cannot or will not disassemble and reassemble to end up with new bed in right rtoom!
Hope you have some good plans B C and D in place...Symmetrikit here we come me thinks!


You mean there's more??? said...

Are you sure they are not a garage too??

Do they deliver cookers?

Are they a phone company as well???

Do they do plumbing on the side?

They just feel so familiar...


mq, cb said...

I await with bated breath the Friday update. Maybe we should run a sweep on the various options with all proceeds going to ROSY or perhaps towards a celebratory pair of slippers for Mog?

For the record, I'm going for:

- both vans turn up (hurrah); and
- Van A has the new bed, with all the bits (ring out wild bells!)
- but:
(1) Van A can't get the assembled new bed out of the sitting room into Mog's room; and
(2) Van B can't get the de-assembled old bed out of Mog's room/house and into the van.

So you end up with two beds, lots of vans, traumatised cats and in the background whilst no one's watching, LF wrecks all the bananas in the house because they are all clearly the Food of the Devil and Must Be Destroyed.

Let me know where to send my pound but I reckon that I've called it right there.

Tia said...

mq, cb, I reckon you're right. There's just one minor correction - the bed will have to stay assembled in the sitting room as Mog's bedroom at the moment is too small to take an adult sized bed. We're working on that - and as the builders helping us with it are not in fact related to Bob in any way, shape, or form, I'm hopefully that we might have a larger bedroom sometime before Christmas. Although then we'll have to get the bed man back to disassemble it and move it across the hallway...potential for added mayhem there I suppose!


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