Sunday, 15 March 2009

Another Day, Another Party.

Happy Birthday!
If yesterday's party was an adult party with plenty of children along for the ride, today's was a children's party with abundance of adults to help it along.

Rice Crispie Cake!
And children's games
And chocolate!

Party dress and wellies; that's my girl.

People who started out as professionals; nurses, teachers, therapists. And who somehow became friends along the wayA beautiful afternoon. A room packed out with people wanting to share the day with one small boy and his family. Children and parents, friends and family.

One small boy turns 5. Not much to the world at large, perhaps. But the world and more to those who know and love him.
Happy Birthday "That Boy"!

Tia and the girls.


Tina said...

Happy Birthday little boy.
love and hugs

Trina said...

What a beautiful little boy! I think I want one just like him ;0)

Happy Birthday little one!

Trina and Jophie

Anonymous said...

thank you and LF and Mog for assisting in the creation of a wonderful day. The girls looked stunning. Its been a week of special days.


Doorless said...

Adorable little birthday boy. I could just cuddle him all day.
Got to love LF's style. The Wellies really add to the dress. The colors went well together.


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