Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Two evenly spaced slots of time, separated by one trip to preschool to cath a small child.

Two tasks, one pleasant (drink enough coffee to stay awake for housegrouplifegroup tonight and do some reading/blogging/eating of chocolate biscuits), one tedious (clear sitting room to make space for a Team Around the Child meeting, do the washing up and generally make the house appear to be an acceptable place in which to bring up children).

If I do the tasks in the order above, my pleasure in the drinking coffee/eating of chocolate/etc. will be marred by the knowledge that the house is messy and the work still needs to be done. If I do them in reverse order, create order from chaos first and then cover it in biscuit crumbs, I will be able to relax properly and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a tidy home.

So why is it that in these situations, I always drink the coffee first?

And what are the chances that if I had actually done it the other way around, I might have remembered to go into town and pick up Mog's pads too?

Tia. Hoping not to forget again tomorrow morning.


AlisonM said...

Tia, personally, i think you have your priorities well and truly sorted! love A

Doorless said...

I vote for coffee and chocolate first!

sarah bess said...

I tend to be a coffee-first individual myself.

Anonymous said...

You said COFFEE and chocolate :o) YAY!

BTW ~ is there really something that comes BEFORE coffee? NAH - never happen ;o) Coffee makes all else possible!!


Sara x said...

I have to have the coffee to kick start me into doing thouse things. Im nosey, whats a life group. xx

Claire said...

The trick is to have coffee before AND after dull tasks!

Claire x

Anonymous said...

you need the coffee and choccy biccies for energy.
And then choc as a reward for finishing. win-win I reckon.

Tina said...

If I did it the otherway round I would not have finished tyhe tidying anmd probably run out of time for coffee and chocolate! Probably forget the pads too /'i usually do!

Tia said...

Liking all the excuses for extra coffee and chocolate...

S, a "Life Group" according to our church is what other churches might call house group, home group, cell group, small group - a group of about a dozen of us who meet midweek for prayer and bible study.



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