Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Little Fish, Little Monster?

I picked Little Fish up from preschool today, only to be called aside for a brief chat. The preschool are asking for advice.

Apparently another child at the preschool is being traumatised by Little Fish's presence. This child is crying at the sight of LF. The preschool have lent said child their lovely Racketty's doll and teddy. They have tried talking to the child, pairing the child with Little Fish, setting things up so the child and LF spend time together without having to be together, and just about everything else they can think of. They've talked to the child's parents too.

So, preschool now have a problem - one child deeply upset by the presence of another. The child in question has a problem - one super scary personLittle Fish has a problem too - it can't be pleasant having someone burst into tears and run away from you all the time.

So, what would you do? Preschool have tried everything they can think of, the other child's parents have tried everything they can think of, I'm now being asked for ideas. I don't especially want to invite the child to come and play, to show how unscary LF is really for several reasons - I don't think LF needs to be responsible for someone else's happiness and especially not in her own home, and if the child is scared of LF due to LF's "otherness" then what on earth would that child make of Mog?

One perplexed Tia.

ps - to those of you who'll be wondering - No, LF doesn't need suction, but it's a heavy pump and hers is a powered chair so she was carrying it for me whilst I pushed Mog.

And I realise these photos have nothing at all to do with the post, and no, it isn't snowing again here, but I didn't post them when it was, and they're pretty and I like them, so I'm showing them off now.


Sara x said...

Havent any ideas on the situation, but the photos are very cute x

Anonymous said...

How does LF act? Is she afraid of the other child or does she want to be friends -or just sort of ignore her? Is this situation upsetting LF? Has this been going on all year or is it just recently? And if recently-- why do they think she (assuming here) started acting like this?
No LF should not be responsible for the other child's happiness but if LF is not put off by this child--maybe in some way -having her over-maybe with her parents at first--or going to a park or something-- LF could have a new friend.
Assuming that it could be done without causing LF stress and anxity.
On the other hand how does the child act when they are at opposite sides of the room--if she is okay--than maybe they should just keep them separate for now and see if the other child will eventually over come what ever she is afraid of.
Just a couple cents worth of thought.

Doorless said...

I have a nephew who was traumatized by my girls and I explained to heim that they were fine and special and God loves them and He id not need to worry that this might happen to him because the girls were born unable to walk. I don't think it made a difference!
Lovely pictures! Glad it is not snowing there!

Sarah said...

We had snow here again overnight last night! Beautiful photos as ever.

Er - I don't think you should do anything about the preschool issue, it's not your problem!! (unless LF is being affected by it)

While it's great that the preschool have asked you if you have any ideas, it's something that they and the other family have to deal with, not you - so don't take it on unless you really want to.

Hope that comes out right - not that you shouldn't care about it but you can't fix everything and this sounds like it's someone else's process really.

Anonymous said...

does the other child say what the problem is?
What buggy is that? Wouldn't mind a non-wheelchair arrangement for Celyn on the days we have to use a bus.

Tia said...

Thanks guys. I am leaning towards it being pre-school's problem to solve - along with offering to meet the parents if that would help. Willing to do things to help but think someone else can have the brainwork on this one!

I'm not sure what the other child says the problem is - I do hope they've asked! It might be that LF ran the child over at some point in which case the fear is possibly entirely rational!

I don't think LF has noticed - or if she has, she hasn't said anything.

The buggy is a Delta from Delichon . We really like it -comfortable, not to tipped back, very very easy to push, folds down flat so fits into a saloon style boot as well as estates, choice of colours, and as specialist buggies go, not extortionate - we paid £960. And it makes Mog look little, so there's plenty of growing room in it for her!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I think it was hurtful of the nursery and they should have spared your feelings.
You look after your girls beautifully and the photos are gorgeous.
Thank you.I am a mum too and you keep me going.A mum of a young man with special needs.


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