Wednesday, 18 March 2009

And God Said...

Tia said "Hurry up, come ON, finish that breakfast, wee faster, we're going to be late"
And Little Fish said "Why?"
And Tia said, "Because we don't have our van, the bus will be slow, we need to be leaving now"
And God said "Calm down. You'll be on time"
And Tia said "But we're always late for urology, we'll miss the bus and there won't be another one for 20 minutes and there won't be space for a wheelchair and we'll be late and it won't work"
And God said "I created Heaven and Earth and held it in the palms of My hands. Trust me"
And Tia said "Hurry UP, Little Fish, we're going to be late"
And God said "Fine, do it your way then".

And Tia ran with Little Fish up the road to the bus stop. And God sighed. And Tia and Little Fish then waited at the bus stop, panting, until the bus arrived three minutes later. Precisely the time it would have taken them to walk it rather than running.

And there was space on the bus, and the driver dropped the ramp down, and Tia and Little Fish wheeled onto the bus and sat down. And the bus crawled its way though spectacularly bad traffic, and Tia started fretting again. And God said "I will get you there on time", and Tia said "yeah but", and Little Fish started crying over the mad rush of the morning.

And in the fullness of time, and a full ten minutes before the appointment, the bus pulled up outside the children's hospital, and Tia and Little Fish disembarked, and thanked the bus driver and God. And God sighed again, and God said "Trust Me".

So Tia and Little Fish made their way to outpatients, where Tia asked if Little Fish needed an ultrasound before the appointment. And the receptionist looked in the notes and said "no". And then the receptionist phoned ultrasound to be doubly sure, and said "no" again. And Little Fish said "Why?"

And then the outpatient nurse arrived to do a weight and blood pressure and urine sample. And then the clinic nurse arrived to tell us we didn't need surgery. And then, eventually, the doctor arrived, and told us we did need surgery, and asked us why we hadn't been to ultrasound. And great was the wrath of Tia.

Tia and Little Fish went to ultrasound, and sat in the waiting room there. And sat. And sat. And finally they went through, and an ultrasonographer squeezed gel onto Little Fish's stomach, and measured her bladder. And Tia cathed Little Fish, and extracted approximately double the volume of urine the bladder had just been assessed as holding. And the bladder was scanned again, and found to be empty, and so Tia and LF celebrated their cooperative cathing abilities. And the kidneys were scanned, and found to be working correctly. And Tia breathed a sigh of relief, and God said "Trust Me now?" And Little Fish said "Why we 'ere?"

The two then said in the waiting room, waiting for a letter to take back to the doctor. And as we sat, and waited, Tia began to fret about the lateness of the hour, and an imminent appointment in a different town. And God said "How long is it going to take? Trust Me". And Tia said "I don't have much choice do I?" And God said "Trust Me". And Tia phoned the next appointment and confirmed their attendance and apologised in advance for lateness. And God sighed. And LF said "is it lunch time yet?"

The letter arrived, and the two delivered it to outpatients. And sat. And waited. And explained, politely, to the nurse in charge that if they didn't see the doctor in the next three minutes, they would have to leave without seeing the doctor. And they saw the doctor, and the doctor said "All fine, goodbye", and they left the outpatients department, just missing the next downwards moving lift.

And God said "I will get you there on time, stop fretting"
And Tia said "we'll never do it by bus, we need a taxi"
And Little Fish said "I not wanna go in a Naxi I want Dinner at a Dinner Shop why we goin' inna Naxi car?"
And the taxi driver said "Oh I remember that phase well with my own children"
And Tia thought, but did not say "Less chatting, more driving, we're in a hurry"
And God said "You will not be late. Trust Me"
And Tia breathed deeply, and let Little Fish do the backseat driving, and remembered she only had £4.73 in her purse and asked the taxi driver to go via a hole in the wall machine.

And the traffic was bad, and the roads were slow, and the lights were red, and Little Fish did not stop asking "Why?" And Tia breathed, and God said "Trust Me", and the taxi arrived in Abingdon 17 minutes after leaving the hospital.

And Tia paid the taxi driver and ran into Budgens to buy yoghurt for Little Fish's lunch. And in Budgens they found LF's 1:1 from preschool, and she took LF into preschool ready for her next appointment, and Tia finally had time to notice what a beautiful day it was.

And God said "Told you so"



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