Sunday, 8 March 2009


Beauty is
The half smile which crosses my daughter's face when I stroke her cheek.
Peace is
Watching my children sleep.
Sweetness is
A small child pausing to kiss my knees as she whizzes past.
Lightness is
My daughter resting in my arms.
Trust is
A child laughing when tossed in the air, knowing she will be caught and cuddled and loved
Friendship is
Sharing a family time so others can enjoy it too.
Kindness is
An outstretched arm, catching a wobbler before she falls
Family is
Four generations side by side taking Communion together
Patience is
Answering the 673rd "Why?"
Gentleness is
Stroking the cat and avoiding the injuries
Love is
Living for others
Life is
All of these things.


Sib said...

No words really, just lovely :)

Tina said...

And as a friend you epitomise so much of that...and have taught me/reminded me to be that child tossed by The Father trusting to be caught and held and loved!
Thank you!

Doorless said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I know that half smile too - my daughter does that when I stroke her face. Thank you!


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