Friday, 6 March 2009

Bedman Bedlam

9.55 and the van pulls up, having narrowly avoided a collision with the departing bed.

All pieces unloaded, all plastic unwrapped, all parts piled into the hallway. Inevitably, this is the moment when Friend called by to pick up a dress, swiftly followed by Freecycler who turned thisinto thisand then this(photo by Little Fish). Freecycler turned up at the same time as our cleaner, who very nearly ran away again but was thankfully persuaded to fight her way through the chaos come in and concentrate her efforts on the kitchen and bathroom. Lovely.

Add in one wheelchair supply company, making Little Fish a very happy Little Girl; she greeted him with a big round of applausewhilst my own joy was tempered by the size of the cheque I had to write. Still, she's got it back; she can be properly mobile at the right height for her age again. And there isn't really a price to put on that.

One bed still being built.This is clever. See those struts in the middle with the extra bits of blue webbing on them? That's the bit of the bed base which sits under Mog's hips. And the webbing adjusts the bounceability of the bed. As they are in this photo, they loosen the struts making a nice bouncy extra soft and comfy base for her to lie on. If she were a more active child then sliding the webbing towards the edges of the bed would pull up an additional strut underneath the frame, strengthening it and making it stiffer. Very cool.

Sadly the coolness was slightly marred by the discovery that there aren't enough connectors in the bed base itself. For some reason it is possible to make the bed profile and tilt, but not at present to adjust the height. This is a minor problem; he set it at the right height for me so we'll just have to only employ carers who are the same height for the next few weeks until he can sort it out.

Base on, sides on, doors on, and finally mattress in.One beautiful and comfortable, safe bed for Mog. Space for her to have seizures without hitting the sides, space for her to snuggle down without her toes hitting the ends, infinitely adjustable and unsuffocatable. And built into her bedroom now, so no need to dismantle it once the building work is done.

Is it bedtime yet?

Oh, and all finished and everything signed for in time to get down to the really important business of the day; lunch with friends!


Anonymous said...

oh it looks fab, as was lunch!


ps been meaning to mention for ages. Whenever I post comment at the first try I always get:

" Your request could not be processed. Please try again." But it generally works on second attempt.....should i take it personally or does everyone get this?

Doorless said...

Lovely bed! You had a busy morning and LF looks so happy to have her wheels back. Hope you enjoyed lunch.
Get the same message but it goes through the second time also.

Anonymous said...

nosey social servces pay for your cleaner?
Love the bed. When Celyn's bedroom is fonally built (ooo, there goes that flying pig) I don't think they've made it big enough for a special bed. Should be interesting....

Tia said...

I receive an allowance from social services for the girls - it used to be a fostering allowance but now I receive an adoption allowance (and a special guardianship allowance) instead. It's paid in recognition of the costs involved in caring for the girls, and in recognition of the fact that I cannot work outside of the house and also take care of the girls. So I use that.

I do however know people who receive Direct Payments in order to pay for cleaners.


Anonymous said...

bed looks really cool...hope mog sleeps well in it tonight. Lunch great - thanks for lot of laughter and lots of info too!! love A xx
we always get that message too...

MOM2_4 said...

What a wonderFULL morning. So glad everything worked out time wise - yes a bit crazy, but at least the old bed was gone before the new bed arrive - but on the same day not several days early ;o)

The bed looks wonderful!! And LF looks as happy as can be now that her wheels are back! YAY ~ GREAT morning!!

Oh, I 2nd what Kx said about not being able to post on 1 try.


Anonymous said...

Bed looks great - very clever being able to adjust the springiness (sp?!). Yes I get that message too!!

Anonymous said...

Wow - what a fabulous bed. I hope that Mog enjoyed her first night in it - it certainly looks very comfy.

Robyn said...

ooo loving that thinks there is room for me and lots of cuddles too!!!

Elinor said...

Yay! Not a dull moment in your house.

Sara x said...

Im loving the bed, plenty of room for you to jump in for cuddles too. Glad the change over went well. LF looks really happy, me thinks you will be chasing her often lol. xx


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