Friday, 20 March 2009


Long day. Long week actually, but I have been busy.

From this:

To this:
All shiny and new again.
And the bathroom still looks like this:

This should not have taken me a week. And of course, now that it is done, no one is allowed to eat in the kitchen ever again, and takeaways in the garden will be the order of the day year. Happily, I have no problem with that.



AlisonM said...

can i employ you to do the same for mine please?? may take longer than a week though lol xxx

Tia said...

I'd say yes, but then it's taken me about 2.5 years to work up the necessary motivation, so I'm not sure our friendship would survive the wait!


Tina said...

Impressed. Well done

Anonymous said...

have to admit your 'before' looks too much like my 'after' for comfort!!

Trina said...

haha! We are so the same person. I think whoever stole our motivation years ago has returned it to BOTH of us at once cause Im doing the same thing. Could it be the Spring Genie??

I tackled the Living Room also known as Jophies room too and there really is alot to be said about "staying" in one spot to clean...It really is more effective than you know! Now to redirect my wandering self back to that corner! haha ;0)

I'm not brave enough to show my before....haha

Trina and Jophie

Almost American said...

Well done! Doesn't it feel good to walk into a room like that?

Tia said...

It does. It feels fabulous! Scary thing is, my playroom and sunroom and hallway now look and feel the same. Unfortunately this means that the sitting room and bedrooms, rooms where we tend to spend most of the day, are now looking like they have been stirred with a large stick, and I am perched on the corner of the settee wondering where and how I am ever going to make them properly right again. Just can't see it happening.

Meanwhile the rest of the house is far too nice to let anyone actually use, so we'll be living in the garden for the rest of the year if that's ok with everyone else.


Trina said...

Ah yes my living has the "Stirred with affect" going on as I type! I'm still working on a small spot and I "really" can see a diff....I'm just not sure anyone else can yet! haha

I'm all for staying outside all summer! I love it outdoors and can NOT wait to enjoy it fully....

Trin and Jophie


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