Monday, 16 March 2009


We have lots of bags in this house.
Toy bags
Shopping bags
Feed pump bags
Lunch box bags
And school bags, and swimming bags, but the bus came before I'd finished clicking so kindly use your imagination for them. You get the point though; this is a house of many bags.

So why does Little Fish reject the many beautiful bags we have and choose to carry her baby's necessities in this Budgens bag?(and why, incidentally, is her baby wearing LF's slippers as ear muffs?)

And setting aside the reasons (I'm sure they're excellent) why it is necessary to transport a Ninky-Nonk, a toy toaster, and the tap from her toy kitchen in the first place, why this bag?
I'd tell you it entered the house by way of a carer or babysitter, or was blown in by the wind. But I'd be lying.

By popular demand, two more photos from yesterday's party


Sara x said...

My daughter would love your house, she loves bags. Though im still in the bad books as the new in thing is one of the body shop bgs. Actually im sure i remember that being fashionable when i was a kid. Loving the party photos xxx

Tia said...

Body shop bags are new? I'm sure they were the accessory du choix when we were at school too. Does this mean I'm now old enough to have seen the full fashion cycle? Scary.


Elinor said...

A girl can't have too many bags!

Anonymous said...

There is a bag thing going on here, too! The girls LOVE bags - any shape size or fashion! Josh would love to play with LF - except she would likely protest like his sisters do. He feels that bags without drool are boring! He sat mostly quietly for the whole service Sunday playing with a bag, which I needed to wring out after service.


Doorless said...

We too have an abundance and variuety of bags here too. I keep giving them away but for every one I give away I swear two more find their way in.


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