Saturday, 7 March 2009

Bed Beginnings

Mog was not impressed with her new bed. Goway was very pleased with it; whether his presence at the far end was bothering her or whether it was the smell of the new wood, or something else, I do not know, but Mog was distinctly unimpressed.

Into bed at around 8 and quiet for the duration of one CD (Julian Lloyd Webber)
And then fussy and fretty, listened to a little more of that CD before switching to Norah Jones
And failed to settle, and tried some different medicines and a change of position, and a spot of Il Divo
and then finally settled with something on a repeat loop for a bit, but not until around 3AM.

Little Fish was, inevitably, awake at her usual time and demanding breakfast (which she then proceeded to ignore and refuse to eat. She does this every morning. It never fails to annoy me).

Mog slumbered on through the morning, ignoring Little Fish's "Courtney Courtney", ignoring the washing machine, and the noises off from the cats before finally consenting to wake up at around 10. It's alright for some.

Two girls up and refreshed then, and one tired Tia. A lazy day, a pottering around at home day, a catching up on blogs and Asbo Jesus and I can has cheezburger sort of a day, a drinking lots of coffee and chatting with friends (and remembering too late that I have run out of proper coffee once more) kind of a day. And eventually, a throw the girls into beds (having first thrown the cats out of beds) kind of an evening, and a listen to Mog grizzle her way through Julian Lloyd Webber again kind of a night.

But now it's silent, Mog has either decided her bed is comfortable or that she is too tired to care, Julian has put his bow away for now, and the cats are eyeing up the fish. Time to feed the furries and hide the scalies, and then definitely more than time for bed. If Mog really hates her bed, I'll have it; Goway nearly concussed himself earlier trying to jump up onto it without realising the doors were shut; I like the idea of a catproof, childproof space for myself.



Doorless said...

Hoping Mog sleeps tonight.
I love the story about goway. We once had a cat like him. We lived in the country and a service door window to the garage had been broken in a wind storm so she got used to jumping through the windo area. Well we replaced it and the next thing we knew the cat tried to jump through it hitting her head. It was funny until she kept trying over and over. So we ended up leaving the door open slightly so she could come and go without injury!

Courtney Cookson said...

yay courtney courtney music!!!
i still listen to that and do the actions...
say hi to my lovely girls for me
c x

Sara x said...

I loving the goway story, though i do remember getting a very sore nose from trying to walk through a porch door which was closed.

Abi said...

Ooh - ASBO Jesus. I like it! Thank you for the pointer!


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