Thursday, 5 March 2009

A Rainbow for a Rainbow

Look at the world around,
Learn everything you can,

Laugh as you go along
Love this world of ours.

We had a delivery this morning. A small parcel for Mog, and inside this pair of socks beautiful Hensinger Collar Covers. Rainbows to wear at Rainbows.

Mog likes! We like. And the Rainbows were impressed too. Fun all round.

Thanks, Caroline



Signing said...

How cool - and what a happy looking Mog!

Doorless said...

Love the rainbow socks, Mog seems to love them too. What a nice gift for a lovely girl.

Sara x said...

The socks are beautiful xxx

Alesha said...

: )

so nice...

brings tears to my eyes to see her so jubilant!

Tia said...

She loves it; so happy!
In the interests of honesty I might have to admit that the smile came not just from the Rainbow cover but also from a bit of tickling and jiggling around - but she's had a fair bit of time when she's been immune to that so it's still wonderful to see.


Anonymous said...

what a great smile. And gorgeous rainbows. celyn is rather partial to rainbows. Have to park her and Mog together at the gathering :-)

Caroline said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Caroline said...

The colours suit her. When I saw them in the shop I instantly thought of Mog.

I will have to keep my eyes open for some yellow & brown ones for when she starts Brownies !


Tia said...

It's lovely, thank you! yellow and brown - hmmm she'll look like a giant bumblebee


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