Saturday, 28 March 2009


Today I have
  • hooked up 9 tube feeds (should've been 10 but we missed one and she isn't dehydrated so I'm not worrying)
  • showered three people
  • bathed two people
  • fastened four sets of jeans
  • fastened five pairs of pyjamas
  • given 9 sets of medication through three different kinds of tubes
  • used 8 catheters
  • sterilised 12 syringes and four giving sets
  • used another 235123 syringes (approximately)
  • washed my hands 23986740730987t59876296098 times.
  • mopped up sick and spit and poo and a ridiculous number of breadcrumbs
2 + 1 = 21 not 3 I'm sure.

I am thankful for
  • small children giggling over silly games of peep bo
  • long life batteries
  • feed pumps
  • my parents
  • hand cream
  • all forms of telephonic communication
  • Mothercare
  • the ability to multitask
  • a strong back and a reasonably level locality
I am also
  • tired
  • stressed about the accident we were in yesterday morning - we are all fine, no one was hurt, but there is minor damage to my van and major massive damage to the car we hit. Bits of that car are still scattered across our road. Not good.
  • cold
  • buzzing with a list of things I need to have ready for tomorrow.
  • very pleased to be fostering again but also very pleased that our holiday means this can only be temporary at the moment.
  • tired.
Mog is rather underwhelmed by the whole experience. She is definitely not impressed with our temporary addition (ta)'s noisemaking capabilities.

Little Fish is very excited about the ta. She has spent the day informing everyone that the ta is hers, trying to do everything for the ta, and working out how to play with the ta. At one point she came to me, puzzled "I take that baby's toy away, that baby cry, bit sad now". I suggested that returning the toy might make the ta (who is not a baby!) happy again and she looked utterly bewildered at the possibility. But duly went off to try it, and came back to report success. Tomorrow's mission will be to persuade her it isn't necessary to continually repeat the experiment.

Tomorrow we add to the general levels of confusion, chaos and mayhem. It is Little Fish's birthday. She is having a party. Here. May God have mercy on our souls.



Tina said...

May th esun shine and your garden suffer rather than the nice clean house and your nerves!
So Sorry I had not rememnbered the birthday girl...Hope you have a wonderful day sweetheart!
Upholding you all in our prayers!
muich love

Doorless said...

Have a very Happy Birthday. How fun!
Hope you feel better about the accident soon. It is not fun is it? I am glad your vacation is soon. I figgure it will be coming about the time you finally have an organized schedule going.
Thinking and praying for your sanity tomorrow.

MOM2_4 said...

Happy Birthday LF!!! Praying the birthday girl and the party and your sanity.

I am thinking, you will be getting into a nice routine and vacation will come. I am sure that will be a wonderful distraction ;o)

Hugs & prayers.

sarah bess said...

Wow, Tia. Wow. You MUST have a strong back.
With all our kiddos, we don't do as much as you do with equipment daily. Probably some of our kids would benefit from g-tubes and things like that, but they're never prescribed.

To Little Fish, a big kiss!!

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Little Fish!!
Hope you have a lovely day and party and that your mum survives unscathed!!
The sun is shining brightly here - hope it does with you all day!
Catherine xx

Robyn said...

have a fab party LF!! xx

Elinor said...

Partay on LF!


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