Monday, 9 March 2009

And Death

Wasn't expecting that to follow on so neatly.

Rest in Peace, Comeback.

You will be missed.



Tina said...

So sorry Tia,
Goodnight Comeback we are pleased to have met you.
I am sure Comeback will be sadly missed but fondly remembered.
much love all of you.

Doorless said...

OOH! I am so sorry. Comeback will be missed I am sure. He had a good life while in your home. I am so sorry.

Alesha said...

Oh, so sorry Tia! I pray peace for your hearts there today! and much wisdom to explain these things to young minds.


Elinor said...

Sorry to hear it, Tia. Such a handsome cat.

You mean there's more??? said...

Poor little thing, hope you are OK


Robyn said...

so sorry Tia, i know it will hurt.
lots of love


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