Sunday, 1 March 2009


Little Fish has new furniture.Not beautiful, perhaps, but practical, clean, and bolted to the wall so she can't tip them over. She's very pleased with them, and was even more pleased that Grandad spent the afternoon putting them together for her.

This gave me the opportunity to go through her wardrobe, and clear out everything that was stained or ripped, and turn it into rags.

And then sort out everything that was too small, or would be too small by the time the weather was either warm enough or cold enough to wear it again.
It's possible we have gone overboard on the clothes buying/making/inheriting these past couple of years. Everything she moved in with two years ago has now officially been deemed too small; it's surprisingly satisfying to know that she has been a part of our family long enough now to have nothing that has not either been passed down from Mog, bought by ourselves, or given by people we know; I now know the story of everything in her wardrobe.

I now need to go through the clothes she doesn't need, and sort out which we will hang onto for any future smaller one, and which we will pass on. Everything we're planning to keep (mainly unisex emergency clothes) has to fit into that large plastic box.

There's just one problem.
Someone has other ideas!



AlisonM said...

give a cat a box....

Doorless said...

gway looks so peaceful in his bed of choice. I think it is a good idea to bolt the units to the wall! I can still see potentila for LF to have things scattered about the room! She is so clever!

Anonymous said...

YAY! for new furniture. Looks very nice and practical ~ a great combo in my thinking ;o) Also, very good thinking about bolting them too the wall.



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