Monday, 23 March 2009


Today I have
  • cleared ten big bags of rubbish out of my sitting room
  • helped to cook, serve, and clear up a meal for 28 mothers of Guides (we celebrated Mothering Sunday by getting the girls to invite them, and then helping them to cook for them).
  • dealt with two very different but equally fragrant code browns.
  • sorted a minor mountain of photographs into frames.
  • organised a major mountain of paperwork
  • made several important phonecalls and actually managed to speak to most of the people I was looking for.
  • taken Goway to the vet for his final round of boosters.
  • had an appointment with the continence nurse for Little Fish (she's most confused by the idea of two wee wee nurses; one who looks after the before and one the after!)
  • worked out how to use these bullet points
  • but not quite worked out how to make them stop!
Oh there we are.
I am tired!

The sitting room is not finished yet. I either need another bookcase or else to be more ruthless in my book culling. I don't seem to be able to edit them down any further though. And I now have a mini paper mountain needing to be filed. I have 16 rubbish bags to take to the dump tomorrow, and some smaller bags for charity shops and freecycle. Slowly the house seems to be growing again. This process is not helped by my helpful Little Helper, who sees me throwing things seemingly randomly into boxes and bags and bedrooms. She grabs piles of neatly organised stuff and pours them onto the floor, crying "there we are, Mummy, I help you, look, all messy now".

I think it's bedtime. And one day there will be more in life than cleaning. Sorry for boring you all - and M, sorry that you no longer have "it's better than Tia's" as an excuse. Little Fish is available for hire should you wish for assistance. She's going cheap. Very cheap. Please take her!


AlisonM said...

please, please stop cleaning and now living in shame! xxx

Anonymous said...

you seem to have the 'spring cleaning' bug. I need to do the same but will have to wait until back stops hurting. RJK

Anonymous said...

wow--no wonder you're tired--makes me tired reading all that you were able to acomplish in a day! I can't seem to be able to get half of that done in a day

Anonymous said...

LOL!! You are doing a GREAT job even with your most helpful helper.

BTW, as much as I would love to have Little Fish come for a visit, I am afraid that her help added to Joshua's help...8-/ I cannot imagine that much help!!


Tia said...

Hope it's better soon, R.
A - no need for shame; I'm sure P and A combined will undo much of it on Sunday!
D - I have only 20% of your children - I'm sure that makes a difference.
L - it would be interesting wouldn't it? A little too interesting maybe.

AlisonM said...

oh i do hope so tia!!!

Tia said...

Hmmm thanks, friend!


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