Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I had a phonecall this evening.

Hello, yes, it's [Medical Equipment Supply Company]


It's about the bed we're due to collect tomorrow.

No, you're coming on Friday.

Ah yes, well, we'd like to come tomorrow instead.

No, the new bed doesn't come until Friday so you can't take the old one away until then.

Friday's tricky, we're very busy then, can we really not come tomorrow?

No, she needs her bed until the new one comes. We'll see you on Friday?

Well we will try to make it but we are very busy...



Tina said...

what is wrong with these people do they not sleep in a bed.
hope you remember to double lock all doors tomorrow!

Sara x said...

I was going to type count to ten, but forget that just scream, preferably down the phone at them xxx

mq, cb said...

And now it is Friday. Are they there yet?


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